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Glossybox May - Superdrug Edition

I'm a little late blogging about my May Glossybox, mainly as i thought it was pretty crap all round haha!

Having looked at others i definitely drew the short straw of the May boxes, and overall I just wasn't so impressed. It was massively hyped up, I felt Superdrug was a bit of a let down (nothing wrong with Superdrug, but it's not excatly an exciting brand) so here goes....

So this is my overall view, it was a full box i'll give them that (mainly things I haven't used)

Also i'm not sure why but I really dislike the cover of the magazine, she's far too tanned and made up it just seems overly fake. But enough of my incessant whining, here's to the products I liked.

So by far my favourite item is the Garnier BB Cream, I've tried a few and this has a better coverage than most, it's the light shade which isn't as light as you might think, so definitely a summer product. Great for getting out of the door quickly in a morning, i've been using this most days and a little goes a long way. This is £9.99, will be repurchasing when it's gone i'm sure! 

Also like the Rimmel - Scandaleyes mascara, can't go wrong with a mascara as it's a daily essential. This has a large hourglass shaped brush which is great for a very thick false lash look. This is £6.99.

Now for my not so exciting items ....

  Lets start with the worst, I Love Cosmetics - Strawberries & Milkshake Shimmer & Shine Lip Gloss. This looks cheap, the sound of Strawberries & Milkshake makes me want to gag and it costs a whopping £1.29. I am never going to put this on my lips.

Superdrug - Large Doughnut Ring this is fine, I have a couple of doughnuts, the only issue is it's black. Having blonde hair I don't see this working, it's £3.99.

2true PRO - 3D Candy Nail Art Not the worst item but I feel it would be more suitable for a young teen. I might give it a go but i'm not overly excited. If you should want to purchase one it'll cost you £3.

Then lastly I received 2 samples, Garnier - Oil Beauty Lotion haven't given this a go yet, but it sounds nice with argan, macademia and rose oil to lock in moisture. A full size 250ml is £4.99, good price.

Ghost - Eclipse this is lovely, a very rich/warm fragrance, 50ml costs £33 (tempted!) 

So overall I wasn't impressed with the superdrug collaboration sorry! All the items came to just over £25 which isn't bad but the quality of products just wasn't there. Lucikly I love the next 2 boxes so I'm over my disappointment haha! 

All items asre available at Superdrug.



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