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My first Real Techniques experience.

So i've heard a lot of good things about the real techniques brushes but never tried them, so when they were on 3 for 2 at boots i couldn't resist.
I got the Miracle complexion sponge and the expert face brush, my third item was unrelated (but looked nice) the Boujours Khol Kajal.
I like the eyeliner mainly for the novelty aspect, but that's not important.


So i have been trying out my new purchases for the past couple of weeks and i am converted to Real Techniques definitely.
So firstly, the miracle complexion sponge:
I have never actually used a sponge to apply foundation (shocking) i have always been a brush user. Having heard so much about a certain blender, i wanted to try one out but without the £16 price tag. Having looked at reviews online the Real Techniques is considered the closest dupe and best sponge out there and at £5.99 from Boots how could i not give it a go?!

The sponge has three sides to it, a flat edge which glides easily around the eyes and nose, the rounded sides to blend the whole face, and the pointed tip which covers spots i have used this with my concealer.
To use the sponge you must dampen first, which expands the sponge i also think this seems to help with it not absorbing so much product (more for your face). I have to say i was amazing with the ease of use of this and the finish it gives is fantastic, bouncing the sponge on the skin removes the chance of any streaks. I have also been using the round side to apply my Bobbi Brown pot rouge as blusher, and this works amazingly leaving a very natural finish.
I wouldn't use this is my kit as i don't feel it is as hygienic as a brush also i don't want to be carrying round a damp sponge but for personal use i absolutely love it and have been using it daily.


The Expert Face Brush:
I have previously been using the Crown Duo Fibre large brush which i love, this is a completely different style so want to see the difference and my see which i prefer.

The bristles are much shorter and more densely packed on first use i found it quite hard on the face, this is due to the shorter bristles i'm not overly keen on that, i also seem to use more product it doesn't seem to spread the foundation as far. However, the finish it gives is absolutely flawless i cannot fault it. I found myself using it as a finishing brush having applied the foundation with my duo brush, give a finishing blend with the expert face brush guarantees no brush marks and a perfect result.
The best feature about this brush (apart from the finish) is the fact that it stands up, why don't all brushes have this. Meaning no foundation on my dresser, no dresser on my face and making everything that bit more hygienic! So overall a brilliant brush, would personally just prefer it to be a bit longer.

I will definitely be trying other products in the range.
Do you have any Real Techniques products?
Have you tried the miracle complexion sponge?
What are your recommendations?

Carys xx

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