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The Future of Cleansing

After much debate, review reading, comparisons and penny counting, i did it i bought a Clarisonic Cleansing brush.

The model I have is the Mia 2, it promises to tighten pores, remove makeup better than manual cleansing, improve skintone appearance and texture and generally upgrade my skin.

If you haven't heard of Clarisonic before (where have you been?!), it's basically like a massive electric toothbrush for the face! But with the £125 price tag it's not a purchase i made lightly. I suffer from terrible skin which i was told i'd grow out of (i'm waiting), so having read hundreds of reviews i decided to take the leap. When it arrived i was 

VERY excited!! I purchased mine from House Of Fraser where it is the same price as other retailers but you get a full sized Lancome gel cleanser and a sample of the Visionaire serum, definitely the best deal at the moment.

The Arrival - I have to say when it arrived i felt like i had just stepped into an episode of star trek, the Mia 2 comes in a handy travel case which can only be described as an alien egg .......

It also comes with a protective head for the bristles, when left on it's side the bristles don't touch the surface it's on which i like so nothing gets squashed.

So how does it work .......


It has a sonic frequency action on the center section, it vibrates it doesn't circulate. It has a movement frequency of 300 movements per second (that's fast), it's this movement that removes all the dirt and sebum from deep within the pores.
The Mia 2 has a 2 speed option, normal or low i've been trying to tell the difference let's just say its subtle.
The unit is totally waterproof so can be used in the shower and it's rechargeable so no annoying batteries. It has a 1 minute timer which automatically stops it, i've been doing it for 2 minutes i don't feel like 1 is enough at the moment.

So results...

Well it's early days yet, i've been using it for a full week twice a day with the Clarisonic cleansing gel provided and i must say my skin feels amazing, it doesn't look amazing yet but i have faith it will in time.

My one gripe is not with the actual unit, but the instructions are not overly clear; it says it removes makeup, but should i cleanse prior ( i have been), also i have been using it in circular motions over the skin as it seems to give a deeper clean, but it doesn't mention anything about how to hold or move it on the skin - i feel like i'm doing it wrong but i have no idea?!


So far i am very happy with my purchase, i have taken a before picture (I won't scare you with that just yet), so hopefully I can compare it to my future beautifully clear skin.

Does anyone else have a Clarisonic?
Do you have any tips?



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